You might be confused about how it is possible to unlock the system of Apple and any smartphones with fingerprints. But it is true; Police in Michigan have discovered a technique of using 3D printing of a dead man’s fingers to unlock the Smartphone’s in investigation crimes using their biometric sensors. For this purpose, Police took help from professors at the University of Michigan to reproduce a dead man’s fingerprint from a pre-recorded scan. And this 3D print, create a false footprint of the dead man and is used to unlock the Smartphone using its biometric sensors.

This is primarily performed to solve this case since the case is near to uncover so the law enforcement investigators believed that his phone would be some use to explain this case on finding a murderer and this new technique was developed.

And it is also questioned why police could not be able to 3d print themselves. The reason is that most of the smartphone biometric sensors are used to detect someone’s fingerprints using electrical currents, which generally does not work so the police has to concern with professor Anil Jain and he coated the 3D printed fingers in a thin layer of Metallic Particles so that they could conduct electricity and the fingerprint scanner could read them, which finally helps police to detect the murderer.

So this technique would make everyone vulnerable who use biometric security to protect the privacy of their Smartphone. Besides, there is also a problem if someone steals a fingerprint using a high-resolution photo and recreating it that the professor did since prints are the unique and all the time the constant identity of the person. So the best solution of this is to disable any biometric sensor enabled on your Smartphone.