Prabhu Bank Customer Account Numbers Change with the Change in Software

June 2, 2020

Prabhu Bank Ltd recently upgraded its Banking Software from Pumori to Finacle. The change in the bank’s software has led to a change in the account number of all its existing customers.

The Bank’s representatives say that the new software is modern, adapts to their new products and services, and is more secure.

Previously, the account numbers were a 20 digit number and now, it has changed to a 16 digit number. The bank is requesting all its customers to get in touch with the nearest Prabhu Bank branch and get the needed information regarding the changes.

If you’re using the Bank’s mobile banking application, your new account number is already established with your name and all your funds have been transferred into the new account.

However, we will not be able to view previous account history.

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Will your ATM Card and Cheque still work?

Yes! Our ATM Card and Cheque will continue to work. The bank has stated that they will work on new ATM and Cheque numbers as well.

The bank is requesting all its customers to update with the new account number and use the new account number to carry future transactions. The old account number will not be valid anymore.

Likewise, the bank is displaying the change of software and account number notice officially.

Meanwhile, you can find such notice on its official website, mobile banking application, and in newspapers.

The bank is also further planning to send the new account number to its entire customer’s mobile via SMS.

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