Prabhu group launched ‘Prabhu pay’ digital wallet. In one program at capital President of Prabhu Group, Devi Prakash Bhattachan has unveiled Prabhu Pay officially.

PrabhuPay consumer App allows its users to simplify the payment process. With this App, the consumers can easily make payments for the goods purchased and services rendered. Quick recharge and secure payment of various utility bills make this App more users friendly and on top of that consumers can also transfer the small value fund to the consumers within PrabhuPay network.
Newly added unique features such as Near-by-deals and Near-by-taxi make this App unique and multipurpose. The near-by deal is a geo-location based customized automated notifications send to the users advising of nearby settlements based on their current or last known locational proximity to the businesses.

Similarly, near-by-taxi is geo- locational based feature through which the users can track the available taxis nearby them. They can easily book the taxi and even make payments by using the application.

What does Prabhu pay offer?

  • Fast, easy and a convenient way to make payment in the stores for the goods purchased or any services rendered.
  • Send money instantly to the existing PrabhuPay users using their QR Code and Phone numbers.
  • Skip the line and make quick payments of electricity, cable TV, internet bills and phone bills such as postpaid and prepaid bills (NTC, NCell, UTL).
  • Notifications on personalized offers through Nearby Deals.
  • The convenient way to track/ book Taxis nearby.
  • Easy access to the records of your transactions.
  • Get the locations of various ATM withdrawal centers to withdraw your PrabhuPay wallet fund.
  • Top-up your PrabhuPay wallet easily through PrabhuPay registered Merchants.
  • Link your bank account to make payment from your debit card.

Prabhu pay will provide accidental insurance up to Rs 10 lakhs to its regular customers.


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