Practical Approach: DBMS Class Begins From Today

SIT officially started it’s Advance DBMS (MSSQL) class for professionals from today. Find out what the students learned. Spiralogics Institute of Technology (SIT) officially started it’s Advance DBMS (MSSQL) class for professionals from today which will run for the next 45 days. The class began with a welcome speech from our CTO, Mr. Saunak Ranjitkar and CEO, Mr.Samir Upadhyay. Prof. Hari Sharan Manandhar started the class by explaining the architecture of SQL server and its different components. The class will be following a more practical approach by working on an Online banking project.

Prof. Hari has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. He has been associated with different INGO, NGOS and private companies and is an expert in E-Governance Management, Disaster Risk and Delivery Management, Project Management, MIS reporting, BOBI, SQL Server Database Management, Integration, Analysis and reporting, etc.

Prof. Hari says ‘the teaching approach should be interactive.’ According to him, that is the best way to learn, and if a student doesn’t ask any questions, then their learning will be limited. He stressed the importance of having a good knowledge of Database Management for any kind of software development.

It becomes difficult for any fresh graduates or engineers to work on projects straight away,” says Mr. Saunak. According to him “The student has the theoretical knowledge but lack confidence on how to work on projects. That was the main purpose of starting SIT – to fill this gap.” He added that the courses are targeted towards three groups of people. First, students who want to brush up their skills and enter the job market. Second, IT professionals facing setbacks in the beginning phase of their career. Thirdly. IT enthusiasts who are looking to get an advanced level of training.

“The main difference between SIT and other institution is the Project Based Learning offered in our institution,” says Mr. Samir, the CEO. The courses were designed with a vision of bridging the gap between education and work through Project-Based-Learning.

The primary focus is to provide software professionals and students with the required skill set to be employable in the job market.’ He continued. Spiralogics Institute of Technology (SIT) was born in 2017. SIT’s mission is simple: Make you the best software engineer you can be. The institution plans on adding more courses based on the student’s need and the market demand. Besides DBMS, SIT currently runs other four different courses.


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