CDS and Clearing Limited

2nd June 2021, Kathmandu

The problem with my stock remains the same. CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC) told me that there is a problem with my shares for the past few days. And now it is trying to upgrade my shares.

For some time now, the number of investors in the stock market has increased, due to which the load on the system has increased.

As the upgrade work is still going on for a few more days. CDSC has guaranteed that there will be problems like not opening my shares and logging out from time to time

On the first day of the ban, the stock market is sawed in favor of investors. And the last trading day of the year, most of the sub-indices of Nepse have turned green and closed.

On the same day, the Nepse index increased by 25.82 points and reached 2611.10 points. Share prices of 156 companies rose while those of 43 companies declined. Similarly, the share prices of 18 companies have remained stable. On this day, 98 lakh 18 thousand 46 lots of shares have been traded at 4 billion 357 million 19 thousand 248.68 rupees.

Shares of Singati Hydro, Mahila Microfinance, and Vishalbazar traded at positive circuit levels. At the same time, Shree Investment and Finance fell the most at 2.82 percent.

Narayani Development Bank has the highest turnover on this day. Shares of the company worth more than Rs 300 million have been bought and sold on this day.

As the number of new investors has increased recently, the problem in my share system has also been increasing. Problems such as not being able to log in even after a long effort and not update the details. Taking hours to do a share transaction has been appearing in my share system for a few weeks.

Investors have complained that due to the unnatural pressure on my share system and limited software during the Kovid-19 epidemic. My shares are not running well, and I have to face problems like the wrong closeout.

 Due to this kind of problem seen in the system, investors have been deprived of getting timely information. An investor said that with the increase in the share turnover, the problem in my shares could not sustain the situation of tomorrow. He said, “There is such a problem right now. It is important to address the problem as soon as the market grows tomorrow.”

There were similar problems when applying for ordinary shares for a few months. Although CDS Clearing House, the founder of My Share, has tried to address the issue after repeated complaints from investors.

The problem has been recurring due to a lack of capacity. Earlier, there were problems while applying for ordinary shares. But now, there are problems in other areas such as login, transfer, and purchase of shares.

CDS clearing spokesperson Suresh Neupane said that the problem had arisen again as the number of investors has increased. The number of daily transactions has increased.

Due to the Corona ban, its pressure is a bit higher now. Neupane said that sometimes the system has to be shut down for some time due to technical pressure. Which can cause problems for some time, but work is being done to address such problems as well.

Neupane says that they are preparing to move forward with new technology along with my share system. He said, Along with the system, we are also starting a new design work to reduce the problem with a long-term plan.

The Nepal Securities Board (NSB) has also been requesting CDS to facilitate investors. Board spokesperson Neeraj Giri informed that the matter had reached the Ministry of Finance as there is a problem due to the Public Procurement. Act for connecting new software.


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