Prime College To Host ICT Meetup Version 6.0
Prime College To Host ICT Meetup Version 6.0

November 8, Kathmandu 

ICT Meetup is an annual event organized by Prime IT Club, supported by Prime College. They are all set this year for their sixth version, ICT Meetup V6.0, and provide a unique opportunity for every person involved in the ICT field to connect with experts & professionals. The event is going to be held on December 12 to 14, 2019.

ICT Meetup aims to aware of students and youth regarding the positive aspects of Information, Communication, and Technology and empowers them to bring the changes required in today’s society through it.

ICT Meetup has been organized with the theme, “ICT Academia-Industry Collaboration: Understanding the difference,” by offering several different activities in each episode.

For our sixth version,  we have introduced a sub-theme, which states, “Advancing Towards Smart City for Sustainable Development.” With the vision of imparting knowledge to the youths regarding “smart city for sustainable development” and the benefits it can result in upcoming years, the event will focus on the topic “How technology can make a city smart.” Also, the event will cover how the utilization of ICT on the full extent can result in sustainable development.

Objectives of ICT Meetup

  • Awareness
  • Human Resource
  • Collaboration
  • Policy discussion
  • Ideas and Innovation
  • Networking

Highlights of the event

Project Demonstration Competition

Participants from different IT colleges, engineering colleges, and early professionals will be able to demonstrate their project in front of respected judges. The project must be based on our theme of ICT Meetup V6.0.

Panel Discussions

The invited panelists will be discussing a specified topic, including the central theme of the event. The involved participants will get a chance to grasp the knowledge and views from the experts related to the field.

Parallel Workshops

Theoretical, along with practical knowledge, will be provided to the participants, along with hands-on practices.


Based on the current theme of ICT Meetup V6.0, speakers will conduct meetings, and they will provide insights into their respective topics. The participants will get an opportunity to question their doubts and queries.

Photography Competition

To make the event more exciting, there will be a photography competition. The theme for the photography competition is ‘Significance of technology used in daily life.’

Assured Supporters:

  1. Tribhuvan University
  2. Nepal Telecommunications Authority
  3. Khalti Digital Wallet
  4. CSIT Association of Nepal


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