8th October 2020, Kathmandu

While the world turns a page on the internet with a click, the students in rural areas of Nepal still struggle to get books before the exam appears. This is just a story we are all aware of. Real education from the old traditional education system and learning based on the internet has been a kind of hard-won game for most of the people. Narrowed perspective-based curriculum and exposure less platform in Nepal turns the idea of a strong step in the education sector widens more.

Coming to the pandemic, almost every sector, especially the education sector, has been massively affected, which led us to realize the need of an alternative system of education along with the professional presence of students and influencers.

So, What is Scholars Space?

In the context, Scholars Space is introduced as the professional’s e-learning platform envisioned to scale up the actual digital learning process in Nepal. Being on high impatience to go through the constrained education, impractical implication, and challenges of education, a group of undergraduate students came up with Nepal’s First Professional Socio Learning Community to be Scholars Space. It is a Nepalese innovation designed to enhance a better culture of online education with the ultimate solution to overcome the challenges of the traditional concepts of teaching and learning.  It is the mutual learning community to contribute the learning material, virtual or physical, exchange the ideas and connect the scholars around the globe.

While becoming one complete place of study and teaching, it is a social platform where learning takes place along with the interaction between people, exchange of information through a common wall, and framing of the professional profile to challenge even the international competition.

What does Scholars Space stand for?

Scholars Space is not just a platform to share your talent, learn from other people’s skills, connect with other peoples of similar interest, but it is a complete ecosystem. How? The ecosystem is another word for sustainability, and we are heading towards the sustainable system of learning, connecting, and growing. We have connections which will connect people from any corner of the world; we have courses and podcasts and blogs through which they can learn together and share their talent too, and we have professionalism where they can get the opportunity to connect with people searching for similar skills to which they can provide maximum value. So it is a complete ecosystem for the future world where we are dreaming of something that can add a real-life value.

What are its prominent feature?

The first phase will include the Beta Version of LearnSpace, SlideSpace, BlogSpace, and PoddrSpace as the main features currently enabled. To mention in short, LearnSpace is your space to get all the courses from the curriculum of 10 to the university level along with various courses for technical skill.

Similarly, SlideSpace takes learning materials to sound creative in the form of slides.

Furthermore, Poddrspace collects the podcast allowing people to listen to varying knowledge on theme.

Far from least, Blogspace is one room for all blogs to feature and get the right audience.

On a very important note, Scholars Space is all open for users to make their knowledge to get space in all mentioned places inside Scholars Space. Not to forget, the best part comes with the Talent Showcase wall, where a chain is created by sharing the talent and information building ecosystem to Learn-Connect-Grow.

Just a matter of few steps to sign up, and you are on the way to be part of revolutionizing the Nepalese Learning System.


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