Karishma Shakya, A Young ICT Motivator Lady, IT enthusiastic, Open minded, She told Motivational Effect of ICT on Pupils.

How do you define yourself?

I am a student of Electronics Engineer. Latest technological inventions, information knowledge, and any scientific fictions have always been a great interest for me. And maybe this is the reason why I’m into the IT field. It’s been around four years. I’ve started my journey in this IT technology. And currently, I’m working as a Quality Analyst in a software development company.

Who inspired you to involve in IT Sector?

My passion has always been the best inspires for me to work in this IT sector. On top of that, the support that I’ve been getting from my family and friends have boosted me to work further and finer.

And who discourage you?

The taboos and hoary conventions which restricts girls/woman to move forward and binds them to household workings-tries to discourage me. But I am lucky enough to overcome such hurdles with support that my family and friends have been providing.

Are you a Programmer and what are the beauty of this particular sector?

My duty includes programming. But more than that I am engrossed about testing the product that has been developed by programming team.

I go through every ins and outs of the system workflow in order to make sure it is functioning properly without any flaws and glitches.Also I help to build a system that of high quality and meeting all the specifications that are demanded.

Development of the product is excellent but to deliver it in a presentable form, and that with high quality is of concerned. Being a Quality Analyst, I get the chance to help build a qualitative product. Hence having the opportunity to work as a Quality Analyst in this IT sector is remarkable.

Will you please share us your habit on use of social media?

Being a human being, we have been living in society, and this is where we enjoy our lives. And with the help of innovative creations of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on we share our feeling and thoughts. I too use the social media for the same but in a moderate way. I use these social sites to share my opinion and to get updated on the latest happening in the world.

How selective are you while buying gadgets?

While buying any gadgets, I make sure I get the latest technology at a remarkable price — more than outer appearances I prefer to have a qualitative product.

How to build the career for this field? What are the scope?

In any software development cycle, the role of Quality Analyst has always been vital. Delivering any product with high quality is exceptionally indispensable. The QA holds a very prominent role along with another team member. And hence the scope of Quality Analyst has a great extent.

 Are you aware of IT Policy of Nepal?

In Nepal the information technology policy shall be developed to make information technology accessible to the general public and increase employment through this means, to build a knowledge-based society, and to establish knowledge-based industries.

Have you anything to say about ICT Community in Nepal?

ICT community in Nepal has been able to bring all the IT enthusiasts into the same roof where they get to know the latest happenings and discoveries.

I wish this community a very best wishes that it will be able to widen its horizon much more in coming future to develop in IT sector hence creating more job opportunities.

Apart from IT? What is your hobby?

Besides IT I love to cook, do gardening and getting together with my family and friends. Also I am trying to learn photography.

Do you have anything to share through ICT FRAME?

First of all, thank you ICT FRAME for giving me a platform to share my thoughts. Through this column, I would like to say that in Nepal we have lots of great minds and ideas. The government should be able to recognize the potentials of youth and create a dimension for them where they can contribute to the IT sector. This not only helps to diminish the unemployment problems but also helps the country to elevate.

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