Province 5 Sacks 'Absent' Doctors

April 09, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Our medical staff is the front liners in this war with the deadly diseases. But what if our front liners are kaamchor what will you do?

A similar case has occurred in the Lumbini Provincial Hospital, Province 5. The hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr. Rajendra Khanal informed us that five doctors were absent without informing the hospital administration.

So, the government of Province 5 fired 5 doctors from the hospital. The doctors failed to come to duty during the crucial time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Social Development Minister Sudarshan Baral said that he has been checking the hospital staff’s attendance.

Those taken action against include Prakash Neupane of the ENT department, Tara Prasad Sharma and Bardan Wali of the radiology department, Subas Chaudhary of the neurosurgery department and Prakriti Karki of the emergency department.

They were working on a contract basis.

Minister Baral said to the government hospitals to immediately sack doctors and other staff if they took leave without informing the authorities. Cases of bereavement, childbirth, and sickness can be excused.


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