11th November 2023, Kathmandu

In a landmark move towards academic collaboration, the Pokhara University Research Center (PURC) in Pokhara and the Kathmandu University Nepal Technology Innovation Center (KU-NTIC) in Dhulikhel joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony. The ceremony, held in the presence of distinguished witnesses, marked a significant step toward promoting multidisciplinary research with a particular emphasis on Agriculture, Health, and Energy.

Purpose of the MoU:

The primary objective of the MoU is to foster collaborative efforts in multidisciplinary research, with a specific focus on key sectors such as Agriculture, Health, and Energy. Both institutions aim to leverage their expertise to contribute to advancements in these critical areas and, in turn, promote academic innovation.

Key Signatories:

Asso. Prof. Namraj Dhami, Director PURC
Prof. Rajendra Gyawali, Acting Director NTIC

Witnessed by:

Asso. Prof. Amar Nagila, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences PU
Prof. Janardan Lamichhane, Dean, School of Science KU

Expressions of Delight:

Prominent figures within both universities expressed their satisfaction and optimism regarding the collaboration. Prof. Manish Pokharel, Dean of the School of Engineering at KU, Asso. Prof. Umesh Singh Yadav, Executive Director of the International Relations Center at PU, and Asst. Prof. Bimala Bhatta, Director of the School of Health and Allied Sciences at PU, collectively conveyed their delight on the momentous occasion.

Anticipated Impact:

The collaborative initiative is expected to pave the way for academic innovation and entrepreneurship through mutual assistance.

The participating institutions believe that by pooling their resources and expertise, they can make significant strides in addressing challenges and driving positive change in the specified research areas.

This MoU signing signifies a commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and contributing to the broader academic community.

Both PURC and KU-NTIC look forward to a fruitful partnership that will benefit not only their respective institutions but also the fields of Agriculture, Health, and Energy at large.


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