Quantum Hack Nepal

26th August 2020, Kathmandu

Quantum Hack, Nepal’s Biggest Virtual Hackathon Attracts Big Names in the Tech Industry

QuantumHack is the largest virtual hackathon in Nepal which will take place from August 28 to 29. Hosting over 240 participants from 10+ countries, the hackathon will be a great platform for people to share ideas and build technologies that have a positive impact on the community.

NxtGen is organizing the Hackathon with the President of NxtGen, Jay Kishan Panjiyar being the lead-organizer. Jay Kishan is also a TEDxTribhuvanUnversity licensee as well as the Campus Director at Hult Prize Foundation.

NxtGen has been organizing several events since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in Nepal.

Speakers and Guests

Apple Co-founder

QuantumHack will have special guests from IBM and Apple. Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of the first 2 Trillion Dollar company, Apple, will be making an appearance in the event.

Similarly, Joe Sepi, Open Source Engineer and Advocate at IBM, will be coming as the Keynote Speaker.

The resource panel for the event includes professionals from Nepal Cloud Professionals, Dogma Group, and Microsoft.

Cloud Professional Group

Image: QuantumHack

Facebook, Google, and Amazon communities will also be backing the 24-hour long hackathon as confirmed by the President of NxtGen, Jay Kishan Panjiyar.

Besides this, Saugat Pokharel will also be making a guest appearance. He is a security researcher who was recently awarded an Instagram Bug Bounty reward worth $6000.

Events & Attractions

One of the largest virtual events of 2020 will also feature parallel events like technical and non-technical workshops. It will focus on learning and working with fun.

Moreover, streaming games, scavenger hunt, and others will make this event a center of attraction for the crowd.

Besides being a hackathon, it is the first virtual tech fair of Nepal. Jay Kishan informed us that QuantumHack will be streamed for 36 hours straight, even at night.

Likewise, there will also be an exhibition.

Read More about the specialties and pre-activities of the Hackathon here.

Interested candidates can register for the event using provided links. For more details, you can visit the Facebook page of QuantumHack. Similarly, you can visit the event website by clicking here.


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