National Cyber Olympiad – 2015

Second Inter-School ICT Quiz Contest

Brush-Up Online, a well-known name for educators in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education. Since its establishment on 2009, Brush-Up has been organizing various IT related workshops, training’s, seminars, competitions, practice exams etc. to inculcate the current and challenging ICT skills in teachers and students of Nepal at present. It’s another successful program is “Safer Internet Workshop” for parents and students. Besides these regular activities, it has started a brand new event “National Cyber Olympiad” for school students. Under the name of “National Cyber Olympiad”, Brush-Up Online organizes various ICT competitions such as Essay Writing, Inter-School ICT Quiz Contest, Typing competition, Programming Competition, Web Design Contest etc.

Currently, Brush-Up Online is organizing Second Inter-School ICT Quiz Contest – 2015 under an event of National Cyber Olympiad. The main aim of this annual event is to build up confidence level in the students so that they can be updated with the current technologies in the Computer field.

Sushil Upreti, President, Brush-Up Online, said “We initiated with the 1st Inter-School ICT Quiz Contest in September 2014, very first time in Nepal. Students and teachers from 35 different schools of Kathmandu Valley had experienced a marvelous platform to compete and learn through quiz and represent their talent.”

He also added “We are also trying to get membership from IOI (International Olympiad for Informatics) so that our champions can participate in the International events.”

Apart from the usual teaching learning process of students and teachers, in the school premises or outside, this event specifically targets secondary level students up to grade 10 with the aim to provide the learning opportunities in technology sector with competition. This event starts on 13th September 2015 (27th Bhadra 2072) and the final will be held at Russian Center of Science and Culture, Kamal Pokhari on 29th September 2015 (12th Ashwin 2072).

The different sections covered in the quiz are: General ICT, ICT in Curriculum, Current Affairs, Logical and Mental, ICT Gadgets and Equipment’s etc. Quiz will be conducted in three rounds: Qualifying, Semi-final and final rounds.

Brush-Up Online has planned to bring together at least 50 (finalist) schools in Kathmandu in this special event. Students from each school will participate and compete with their contemporaries. The ultimate aim is to spread the knowledge of Information Technology among st common school children of Nepal. While the existing competition factor will make the event fun and winning team will be really excited with the title.

Key Dates of Second ICT Quiz Contest:

  • Registration deadline: 12th August 2015 (26th Bhadra 2072)
  • Tie Sheet/Venue disclose and Orientation to participants: 13th September 2015 (27th Bhadra 2072)
  • Qualifying phase: 20th and 21st September 2015 (3rd and 4th Bhadra 2072)
  • Semifinal phase: 25th September 2015 (8th Bhadra 2072)
  • Final phase: 29th September 2015 (29th Bhadra 2072)

More details and sample questions are available at

You are advised either to mail at [email protected] or call at 9851037892, 9851037897, 9851064880 for any query related to National Cyber Olympiad.