Raising Cyber Security Awareness Is About Both ‘Knowing’ And ‘Doing’

The 10th edition of its cybersecurity awareness program was completed by CSI Nepal team at CITE College, Subidhanagar. Team coordinator Mr.Chiranjibi Adhikari and Mr. Laxman Bhattarai were among the speakers during the program which lasted for around 3 hrs.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari began the presentation describing the need for such an awareness program and the benefits it can give. He then started the presentation on cybersecurity. He discussed malware infection, fake antiviruses, and shared some real life incidences of scam providing the audiences real hand account of victims of cybercrime. Hesitance and ignorance were deemed to be the significant reasons for main cybercrime cases going unreported. He also visualizes the Cyber Security to help analysts increase safety.

Mr. Laxman Bhattarai began his presentation on web security which is also a part of the curriculum provided by CSI Nepal team. In this session, he provided useful information about website security, techniques employed by hackers to breach websites and significant security threats in the context of Nepal. He presented some useful fact from his research about the hacking trend in Nepal and the major security threats and their solution.

Mr. Chandra Bilash Bhurtel, Vice-principal at CITE College, extended his gratitude towards the CSI Nepal team for their effort in spreading awareness about cybersecurity. According to him, focusing on educational institutions during such campaigns is essential as it can also inspire them to work for the awareness cause as well.

Some parts of the session were live streamed on DCNepal.com and satyagyan.com/demo/ which was viewed by many people over the Internet.

Dr. Ramhari Subedi provided the conceptual framework for the program and Mr.Chiranjibi  Adhikari coordinating to organize the program.

The program has been supported by Mr. Prem  Bhandari – Civil Engineer /CEO of AMA Engineering, Virginia USA and Mr. Anil Pandey – CEO of Motherland Nepal Organization, Honorary PRR of NTB, California USA as a show of solidarity in the cause to improve the cybersecurity level in Nepal and help to contribute in spreading awareness.