16th February 2023, Kathmandu

Viber’s AI Chat & Create chatbot allows users to ask questions, and design images directly through the Viber app; powered by DALL-E and Davinci’s AI generators

Rakuten Viber, the global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, launches a new chatbot, AI Chat & Create, providing users easy access to AI text and image generators.

By integrating advanced models of generative AI, such as DALL-E and Davinci, the Viber app now allows users to ask the chatbot any question or test the chatbot’s creativity by designing unique images.

To utilize the latest AI tools taking the world by storm, consumers had to set up a new account for each AI service they wanted to try. Oftentimes, the consumer needs to be tech-savvy with a basic understanding of how AI works.

With an influx of interest in AI, Viber’s goal is to make AI more accessible, and easy to employ for its users.

Viber acts as the interface between the complex technology and the user, allowing everyone to take part in the fun without having to provide access to their email or create a separate account for each service. With just a few taps, users can transition between chatting with friends to using the bot, sharing their art, or answer a question effortlessly.

“Excitement about generative AI technology currently has much of the tech industry’s attention and every day more and more people are exposed to the wonders that can be achieved with this technology.

However, access to some of these tools is not very simple for everyone and now, we are offering the easiest way to try out various AI services in the comfort of a Viber chat, inside the app, without the need to register to a special service or further hassle and completely free,” says Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

“We provide access to these industry-leading AI tools directly on the app and users can quickly share their creations or answers. Right now, the chatbot offers two options – one for images and one for text – and we’re looking continuously to expand the offering in the near future.”

Due to organic growth, the chatbot already has over 6,000 subscribers, and over 250 K viewers, and is growing constantly. If you don’t know where to start, click ‘Inspire Me’ for the chatbot to share an example of its capabilities.

The AI Chat & Create chatbot can be found by searching in the chat function of the Viber app or on its explore page. From there, users can subscribe to the chatbot and will have unlimited access to the AI technology right at their fingertips. Try it for yourself here: Click Here

About Rakuten Viber

Rakuten Viber connects people. No matter who they are, or where they are from. The global user base has access to a range of features like one-on-one chats, video calls, group messaging, and updates and discussions with their favorite brands and celebrities.

Viber ensures our users have a secure and free environment to share their emotions. Rakuten Viber is part of Rakuten Group, Inc., a world leader in e-commerce and financial services. It is the official instant messaging and calling app partner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.


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