Nepal Life MDRT

31st March 2024, Kathmandu

Ram Krishna Karki, a senior agency manager at Nepal Life Insurance, achieved MDRT status for 2025 in a remarkably short period, just 3 months.

This is a significant accomplishment, as MDRT requires earning a minimum first-year commission of Rs. 47 lakhs. Karki achieved this goal within 2 and a half months.

Ram Krishna Karki of Nepal Life Became MDRT

Karki’s success in the insurance industry is not recent. He has been a high achiever for the past 6 years and was the company’s first COT for 2023.

He credits his success to his commitment to social service and helping others, which he says has earned him the trust and support of his clients.

Here’s a summary of Karki’s achievements in the insurance sector:



Became MDRT for 2025 within 3 months Achieved the MDRT qualification in an exceptionally short period.
Achieved first MDRT for Nepal Life Insurance in 2025 The first person in Nepal Life Insurance to achieve MDRT status in 2025.
Earned the first insurance premium of Rs. 47 lakhs within 2.5 months for MDRT 2025 Reached the target premium amount to qualify for MDRT 2025 within a very short time.
Became the company’s first COT for the year 2023 Achieved another qualification (COT) within the company in 2023.
Achieved success in the insurance business for the past 6 years Has a consistent track record of success in the insurance industry.
Became MDRT within 6 months of entering the insurance sector Achieved an MDRT qualification very quickly after starting his career in insurance.


Karki’s dedication to his clients and his focus on social service are important factors in his success. He is a role model for others in the insurance industry.


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