Ransomware solutions
Ransomware solutions

8th September 2021, Kathmandu

OneCover Private Limited is now providing ransomware solutions in Nepal.

OneCover with its fellow company, Scrutiny Ransomware Solution is now all set to provide ransomware solutions to all the sectors in Nepal as well as abroad.

Ransomware is one of the most evolving and dangerous threats to individuals and companies. Complex ransomware cannot be detected by ordinary antivirus. So, taking that into account, we have come up with the solution; Scrutiny, a ransomware solution.

We had a live demo from our fellow company about the solution that can be used to control and prevent attacks from ransomware.

Scrutiny predicts the true nature of files by emulating the static and dynamic behavior in a crypto caged environment and simultaneously trains self-learning sensors at the same time to provide accurate verdicts along with detailed analysis in seconds.

Their unique approach detects both known and unknown ransomware strains without any reliance on data engrams, centralized signature databases, etc. Also, this stands out as multi-tier, more innovative, and advanced than the other ransomware detection methods available.

Stages for detection of ransomware that our fellow company follows are:

1. Early Stage Detection

Initial stage detection is done based on identifying process anomalies by their threats intelligence. If the score of the process crosses the threshold for ransomware nature, it is terminated.

2. Second Stage:

The real-time analysis includes a background guard that uses sophisticated algorithms to detect the ransomware behavior patterns and TTP’s pattern characteristics.

3. Final Stage:

They use their crypto caging technology, where they classify heuristics detection for known and unknown ransomware with a routine check-up.

This is a pre-attack Ransomware protection solution and decryption of encrypted files is done from the forensic service given to the post-attack scenario.

For more details please contact us info@onecovernepal.com / Cell: 977-9860664392


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