Kids of Kathmandu, along with Asia Friendship Network, was given permission by Ministry of Education, Nepal to rebuild schools in 4 of the most earthquake devastated districts. Temporary schools went up immediately to brace for monsoon season.

In March 2016, Kids of Kathmandu broke ground for first 6 permanent schools. In late 2016 these schools were complete. Furniture, water purification system, library, flooring were additional support Kids of Kathmandu helped for first 6 school in Kavre, Sindupalchok and Ramechap. Kids of Kathmandu is setting an example in public school construction with all the support system. Kids of Kathmandu is successful because of its partner organization.

Kids of Kathmandu use smart pani PVT.LTD, for water purification system, Anjalai furniture for furniture, Bookmandu for library, OLE Nepal for technology and kids of Kathmandu manages other support system required. Kids of kathmandu is fortunate to have some amazing international partners whose are helping to make school better. is providing solar lights to every kids and Shop Architects is providing design to make schools beautiful.

“We are very clear that until we introduce technology to the school we can’t call our self 21st century school and that is what we are working on” says Executive director BhushanDahal. He further added, we are planning to introduce Raspberry Pi for computer lab in every school we built. We have started pilot project in Goraknath Secondary school in kirpipursetting 18 computers with customized furniture and all the software that OLE offers offers.

Kids of kathmandu has partnered with open Learning exchange Nepal who are expert in the field of online education for school students. With e-paath and e-pustakalaya contain in the hard drive this is taking teaching learning to a different level.
Kids of Kathmandu have also partnered with e-education from Japan where they are making DVD lessons for grade 10. Right now Kids of Kathmandu has finished making DVD for science and Maths and working continuously for its improvement.
The Idea is simple;we are trying to give some extra facility to the kids to prepare them for better preparation for SEE examination. We document best public teachers of respective subjects from Kathmandu using several methods, record that into DVD/pen drive and give it to schools. With this, kids have one extra teacher and even teachers can use it as learning platform says Dahal.

When teachers are absent wecan continue the class with DVD and kids enjoy learning from it says Rupesh Kumar Lama, principal of Bhumi Secondary school.

With so much of need all around country kids of kathmandu is trying to position themselves as a model organization which is giving very strong message on what is responsible way to re-built school and how introduction of technology can be life changer for kids in rural part of country.






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