Top 6 smartphone brands

26th September 2021, Kathmandu

realme ranks among  the Top 6 smartphone brands globally: As per Counterpoint

  • realme took three years to accomplish this milestone since its inception in 2018
  • realme reached the landmark of hitting 100 million in cumulative shipments since its launch
  • realme reached 50 million units in cumulative shipments in India in Q2 2021, the fastest by any brand so far in India.
  • realme led the India market in 5G smartphone shipments, capturing more than 22% share in Q2 2021, as per Counterpoint. 
  • As per Counterpoint, research realme has become the world’s fastest-growing brand securing its position in the Top 6 smartphone vendor in the global ranking. realme secured its top sixth spot with 15 million shipments and 135.1 percent YoY growth in Q2 2021. It has been only three years since its start and it has been a notable industry.

realme had 135.1 % growth and had 15 million shipments. Along with it with Samsung secured its first position with 6.3 % growth and 57.6 shipments. “In the past three years, realme has become a newborn calf making little of the tiger as well as a real go-getter”, said Founder and CEO Sky Li in his open letter. realme has become passionate and determined to bring extraordinary products to teenagers under 29 worldwide even though they faced a wide range of unknown difficulties said CEO Sky Li.

realme started this journey as a nondescript brand and has dominated all industry and customer expectations to over 61 markets worldwide. realme ranked top 5 brands in over 18 of these markets. As per sources, realme claimed first place in the Philippines and Bangladesh, third in Russia, fourth in India, and fifth in the European region in Q2 2021. As per data are shown from firm Strategy Analytics 2021, Q2  realme became the fastest brand to ship 100 million smartphones since its launch and also reached 500 units in cumulative shipments in India in Q2, 2021. realme is the fastest brand to do so in India and captured the fourth position in the Indian smartphones market with a 14.6% market share.

The brand evolved from the “Dare to Leap” spirit and made bold moves in business strategy choices such as globalization from the start. The reason for realme’s success happened as realme listened to customer demand, kept ears close to the ground, and integrated advanced technologies in beautifully designed and user-friendly products. realme phones were first in a segment with 64 MP camera and first Android with magnetic wireless charging tech. These trendsetting innovations and evolution attracted young and tech-savvy audiences and made them fall in love with the brand.

realme is also prioritizing 5G products. According to the counterpoint market monitor service data Q2 2021 realme’s 5G share in market smartphone went up from 8.8% in Q1 to 15.9% in Q2 ranking the third position. realme led the Indian market in 5G smartphones shipments capturing more than 22% share in Q2 2021.

realme had 1.2 million shipments in 2018 Q3  securing 47th position, 3.2 million shipments in 2018 Q4 with 3.2 million shipments, 2.8 million shipments securing 14th position with 2.8 million shipments in 2019 Q1, 4.9 shipments securing 10th position in 2019 Q2. The success of relame emerged to 7th position with 10.2 million shipments in 2019 Q3 and finally secured 6th position with 15 million shipments to 2021 Q2.

As per Sky Li, Founder and CEO realme’s next target is to achieve the 100 million target – shipping 100 million handsets by 2022 and aims to complete the same milestone within the 2023 calendar year.

realme’s next product strategy is will make multiple products in the mainstream market and optimize its technological offerings. Its GT series will become a premium product to explore cutting-edge technology and disrupt the high-end segment.

Mr. Madhav Sheth, Vice President, realme and Chief Executive Officer, realme India and Europe said, “

The key reason for realme to achieve milestones so fast happened as realme was founded with a belief to provide young people with products with leap forward performance and trendsetting design at a flexible price. Relame is supported by a young but strong team and has maintained rapid growth in its markets and expand fast in newly entered markets. Realme entered one new category per month on average and paves its way towards a global mindset. Starting its journey from smartphone brand, realme is in its way to a great Tech brand.”


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