Everest Remit’s Money
Everest Remit’s Money

13th September 2021, Kathmandu

Digital payment service provider company, Khalti, has announced a partnership with a leading remittance company, Everest Remit with the aim of facilitating customers to receive international money directly into the Khalti app sent through Everest Remit.

Along with the introduction of this service, now customers living in Nepal can easily receive money into their Khalti account sent through Everest Remit. They can also deposit the received money to their bank account and send it anywhere in Nepal using the Khalti app.

In order to receive remittance from Everest Remit, one must verify his Khalti KYC. Those who don’t have a Khalti account can also avail of this service by downloading Khalti app and verifying their KYC which takes less than 2 minutes.

Speaking about the agreement, Khalti Digital Wallet’s Head of Remittance Department, Mr. Saurav Raj Pandey shared,

“We introduced this facility with the aim of providing remittance service at home for our customers. We are optimistic that our faster and attractive offer will definitely help in saving their time and money. 

To receive Everest Remit’s money into the Khalti account, one needs to

  • Go to Khalti App’s homepage and tap on “Send Money”
  • Select “Remittance” and click on “Receive Money”
  • Select “Everest Remit
  • Enter “Control Pin” and tap on “Proceed
  • Confirm the details and tap on the “Ok” button


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