Recharge Offers Pulse Oximeter

14th May 2021, Kathmandu

Due to the second wave of the Corona pandemic, people are facing a really tough time. It isn’t easy to find the goods and the equipment related to Covid-19.

So, The e-commerce platform Recharger will provide Covid-related equipment and accessories at affordable prices.

In collaboration with Payment Gateway e-service, the recharger will provide free delivery of goods including oximeter, oxygen, mask, face shield, sanitizer, PPE set at a cheaper price than the market.

The pulse oximeter will be available at Rs 999, said the recharger. The recharger will operate this offer for a certain period of time in the Happy Hour offer that will be operated in the mobile app.

The oximeter can be ordered at the mentioned price during the Happy Hour, which will be operational from 12 noon to 5 pm on Friday, April 16, according to the recharger. A user can purchase a maximum of 5 oximeters.

Alim Glider, President of Global Key Technology, said that the Oximeter ordered during Happy Hour will be delivered free of cost. Only those who order and pay through e-services will get the Oximeter at the mentioned price.

As corona infection is on the rise, an oximeter is needed to monitor oxygen levels so that the recharger will be available at an affordable price at home, the recharger said.

In addition, the recharger will provide a portable oxygen concentrator of up to 7 liters at Rs 60,000 to Rs 82,000; Oxy 99 Can Oxygen at Rs 549; surgical mask at Rs 5, K95 mask at Rs 15, Korean mask at Rs 35, Face Shield at Rs 55. The 100 ml hand sanitizer will be available at Rs 75, according to the recharger.

Similarly, car and room spray sanitizer will be available at Rs 350, 5-liter sanitizer at Rs 799 to 999, and thermal gun at Rs 999.

A variety of PPE sets will be available at below-market prices.

Downloading the Recharger app from Google Play and Apple’s App Store and operating the account earns 1,000 cashpoints. The cashpoint thus obtained can be redeemed as a discount when purchasing goods.

This initiative will be very convenient ad helpful for everyone, and it is also more beneficial for the people.


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