Smart Telecom Recharge

13th May 2021, Kathmandu

Smart Telecom has introduced attractive deals to make its customers’ lives easier during the lockdown period. Smart customers can receive a bonus of up to four times their recharge amount.

Customers who receive this bonus will use data, voice, and SMS within the smart network. In this tough case, the customers’ incentive can be used for daily contact with their immediate family members and friends.

The company has said that the bonus balance will be deducted at the standard rate. According to the company, this offer will be valid only during the lockdown time.

During the lockdown time, smart customers can recharge digitally from home using the smart webpage or e-payment partners (e-Sewa, Phone Pay, Khalti, IME Pay, Connect IPS, InnetPay, PayPoint Nepal).

Smart Telecom had previously introduced a double bonus bid. However, given the circumstances, Smart has doubled the bonus this time.

Smart is constantly searching for ways to make its customer’s lives easier. Smart Telecom has previously provided various data and voice packs to its customers.


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