Reddit CEO Resign

Reddit is a platform which is famous as it comprises of many aspects of today’s digital world. We all new news, we all need entertainment, we all need to have user interactions, we all need to discuss such a topic.
A site that is entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it virtually an online bulletin board system is basically what Reddit.
It was founded on 23’rd June 2005, and it has become trendy in a sense some years. The primary purpose of Reddit is to bring communities together and make the site more useful and full of entertainment with everyone’s effort.
The site is entirely based on how users use it if users like some topics that they can vote those topics to make the topics in the top sections and other things can also be done based on user interactions.
It comprised of the entries by users and communities provided by them as well. Anyone can register through the site and can view whatever they want. There are sections provided for everything.
However, the python written website has been facing a lot of problem and criticism lately. With a popular employee gone from the company and other issues too, its CEO had been facing a lot of problems and criticism lately.
The situation got more intense when people began to protest about it. And it took a new direction when people began to sign a petition for the CEO to resign from her post. Ellen the previous CEO of the website was forced to resigned when the board too criticized about the dealing with the growth of the website.
however, with the issue, the website got more popularity thought it might have lost some people. Ms. Pao had been the subject of intense criticism over her handling of the site, one of the web’s most visited, since taking over late last year.
Reddit was able to show how people really think behind the computers and how they have reduced compassion. The petition for the removal of Ms. Pao was done by 200000. Ms. Pao told the New York Times: “It became clear that the board and I had a different view on the ability of Reddit to grow this year.
Ms.Pao is someone who is an encouragement to the women in the tech industry. But the way she was criticized by the users and also the board is something she couldnt take so lightly. So she thought of quitting. even if she has quit as a CEO, she will remain  remain as an adviser to the board for the remainder of 2015, and the co founder of reddit, Steve Huffman will be taking over her position.
Reddit, which is over a decade old, bills itself as the “frontpage of the internet”. Reddit is the best site for most of the users and its community has been growing day by day.
With that pressure too it is hard to handle the situation that make a big news in the community. The link sharing news site is something that reaches to the users as fast as possible as the handling of the information is in the users hand. However, with the downfall of the CEO, it is hard to say what future the website holds in the future.