24 January 2021, Kathmandu

Nagarik App is a mobile application launched by Nepal Government to provide government-related services on a single online platform. This app has crossed over 3 million downloads after its launch. This app is still in the developing phase so there are some issues here and there which are mainly related to citizenship verification. The app is improving on its shortcoming gradually.

The current version of the Nagarik App contains features like citizenship, passport, voter’s card, Certificates verification. In this version of the app, we can register PAN using Nagarik App. The government of Nepal is planning to introduce more features. Which will introduce in the coming days

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is an identification number that identifies a person as a taxpayer in Nepal. PAN is also referred to as the Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) and the paper on which the number is written as a PAN card and PAN certificate.

You can register PAN using Nagarik App anywhere in the world by using the following steps.

Register PAN Using Nagarik App?

  • Login to the Nagarik App and verify your account. When your account has been verified, you can use all the features available in the app.
  • Click on the “PAN” option on the Home Screen.
  • Choose the option “Register PAN” to apply for a PAN number. If you already have a PAN number, you can connect it directly by entering a PAN number.
  • Now you will need to select the office from which you want to apply for the PAN number. You can select an office from different locations depending on your convenience.
  • Now you will need to fill in some of the additional information needed for the PAN number application process.
  • After filling in the necessary information, you can tap on Proceed button and submit your application.

With the above steps, you can register for PAN number using Nagarik App. With this service, all the hassle of long queues will finally end.


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