How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on i Phones/i Pads/i Pods touch?

SMS is the shortest form of sharing your feelings to others. We often keep on sending messages to the people either for giving information or just for wishes or may be to tell something or many more. Sometimes, we feel like the messages that you have sent to some people may never get deleted as you may have some special memory about that. And sometime, it can be very much important one as well.

After reading the messages that have been sent to you, we often delete them so that it won’t eat the phone space. And, sometimes during deleting unwanted messages, you can delete some important one as well.

And if by mistake, if you delete any important SMS from your mobile phone then you don’t have to worry all of a sudden. You can also get them back.

In Android mobile phone, there is provision that the message that you have deleted can be re-gained time to time. But that doesn’t mean we give you 100% guarantee about that. But what’s wrong about trying them?

In computer, whenever we delete some of our files and pictures, it get collected in a trash folder. And the same happens with the smartphone. The data that you have deleted remains in your smartphone only for a short time period safely. With data recovery software, you can again get them back with you safely. For this, Android data recovery, Dr. Phone named apps will be required. These apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

According to the law, every phone company, have to store that messages in your mobile phone only. In case of, Police or any law department ask for those messages, company are forced to give all those information. That’s why if you have any much important messages, you can get them through the medium of phone company. For this, you have to submit some paper works to them.

Likewise, there is one SMS backup app which is made for your phone. You can download them in your smartphone and use them. You can get that app in your Google Play Store or Apps Store.