Nepal Association for Software

10th September 2023, Kathmandu

Richan Shrestha Elected President of Nepal Association for Software and IT Services Companies (NAS-IT)

In a significant development for Nepal’s tech industry, Richan Shrestha has emerged as the newly elected President of the Nepal Association for Software and IT Service Companies (NAS-IT).

The inaugural annual general meeting, held on Friday, saw the unanimous selection of a dynamic working committee under his leadership.

Joining Richan Shrestha in key roles are Santosh Koirala as Vice-President, Deepen Chapagain as General Secretary, and Abhaya Poudel as Treasurer. These appointments reflect the commitment to fostering innovation and growth in Nepal’s burgeoning tech sector.

The newly elected executive members include Alisha Shrestha, Gaurav Pandey, Kailashraj Vijayanand, Narayan Koirala, and Pranthana Sakhal. Their collective vision is geared towards propelling Nepal onto the global tech stage and establishing it as a prominent tech hub.

NAS-IT comprises companies actively contributing to the software and IT sector in Nepal. Richan Shrestha, the newly appointed President, emphasized the vital role these affiliated companies play in the development of information technology. He stated, “We will continue to actively work in the overall development of this sector through the organization.”

This marks a significant step forward for Nepal’s tech industry, as NAS-IT aims to drive innovation, collaboration, and growth. The ultimate aspiration is to elevate Nepal’s status as a global technology hub, and with the dedicated leadership of Richan Shrestha and the newly elected executive board, this vision is one step closer to realization.


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