Robo Tech Nepal

20th October 2022, Kathmandu

Robo Tech Nepal has started teaching robotics in various schools in Nepal as a part of digitizing education and expanding the use of technology in Nepal. The company has been operating since Chaitra in 2078.

It has emphasized robotics education as an extra course in schools. The co-founders of the company are Hem Khadka, Sameer Bhandari, and Amret Viraji Yadav.

The company is currently teaching robotics courses in eight schools. Currently, a total of five people are working in this company, who give practical and theoretical education related to robotics to one class every week.

“Students are given dance and music education towards art, as well as other various courses are included to make the education of students effective,” said Hem Khadka, co-founder of Robo Tech Nepal, “under that, we have made such a plan to teach robotics to children.” For this, the company has prepared its robotics course.

Schools can especially benefit from this. Schools that want to teach robotics as an extra course to their students should contact Robo Tech Nepal. Khadka said that they will provide such education to the students from classes 4 to 9 according to the demand of the school. For this, the school has to pay a certain fee to the company. Students studying the course do not have to pay additional fees.

While doing robotics practical’s, the students may incur some fees. According to Khadka, a student spends up to a thousand rupees annually for that.

According to the name, the company has prepared courses related to robotics. “Students are taking theoretical education throughout the day. In such a situation, the lack of practical education makes it difficult for students to study,” he says. “Because practical education makes students creative and active, we envisioned Robo Tech Nepal.”

He said that students will be taught to make tools such as waiter robots, drones, satellites, smart currents, smart sticks, etc. “Through such education, students get practical knowledge of how different smart devices work, which increases their interest in technology,” he said.

In the annual festival organized by the school, students can put their prepared robots for exhibition. Khadka believes that students will be inspired to learn new things every year.

The company plans to expand the course which is currently running in 8 schools.


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