ICT in earthquake disaster management facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Life Skilled Trainer, Work at Jobs Dynamics, Social Worker.

Tell us about your background

  • I am Naba Raj Gautam a motivational speaker and a life skill trainer. I have passed my MA in Rural Development from S.V. Academy and been a trainer since I completed my Bachelors. I have done training in motivation, communication and appreciative inquiry. As a trainer I have worked in IT as well as non IT sectors related to business and other development fields. Specially, in IT I have provided motivational trainings to IT students and professional.

Who inspired you to involve in Motivational Sector?

  • Reading Shiv Khera’s “You Can Win” and attending his session at BICC in Kathmandu has inspired me into this sector. As he was changing life of people, I realized I could also help others in changing their life which leads me to believing that I could make a difference by getting into this field.

What is motivation and what are the benefits?

  • Motivation is the reason people need to do anything in their daily and professional life. Motivation means that our confidence in that is in the highest level leading to make us more accurate decisions and making us able to accept any challenge we face.

Tell us the relationship between IT and motivation.

  • Motivation is related to everything we do in life so it is bound to be related to IT or any other sector you think. 

    All the IT development we see till now may it be the first Personal computer or the first Smart phone was a brain child of a motivated person who was passionate about IT and made it possible for us to get these amazing technology.

Did you involved in any motivational seminar which is related with IT?

  • I have been at few local seminars in Nepal. Recently attended ICT in earthquake disaster management.

Have you visited any other country beside Nepal for Motivational Seminar/Workshop?

  • No, I haven’t been to any of such seminar outside the country but I am planning to do so in the future.

What are the difference between the Live Motivational Seminar and YouTube video tutorial?

  • YouTube video tutorials are very helpful and can make difference in life. However, Live Motivational Seminar means that we can interact with each other and our individual motivation can be found. This is the limitation that YouTube videos can never come over and that’s one of the major reason Live Motivational Seminar is a better option for anyone looking for motivation.

Do you have your company webpage?

  • I work at Jobs Dynamics which is a consulting and recruitment firm and it has a website, jobsdynamics.com.

Your best search engine and why?

  • I prefer using Google as it is a very light website unlike Yahoo or any other which loads a lot of miscellaneous stuffs with it which makes it fast. It also provides relevant information as per need. 

    It is also a very popular website whatever search engine we use we never Yahoo it or Bing it or Ask it, we just Google it.

What is your best gadget?

  • My favorite gadget is my iPhone 4S. It has a very simple and friendly interface and can do all the things which I require making it a very handy gadget and the favorite one in my category.

Tell us about your hidden secret

  • I am active and have few capabilities making me stand out on Social Networking sites which have helped me personally as well as professionally.