The computer and IT professional user concentrate their mind towards the choice amongst all section of the society. To fulfill the National ICT club organize the conference, projects, lectures, events, workshop, etc. It also ensures that regular training and skill are updating for the IT professional.

National ICT club mainly approaches globally by seeking alliances with an organization that is willing to forward and participate in such activities. National ICT club helps in formulating the IT strategy and planning. ICT for Youth Development. Exploring how digital tools and skills influence the motivation of young people.

National ICT club was first seen in 2015 with a handful of IT enthusiasts by computer user group who need to organize their activities. They want to share their knowledge and exchange ideas as the first emerging sector.

National ICT club directed towards education as the fast emerging sector. National ICT club directed towards education as the advancement of theory and practical of computer science and IT professional.

The organization consists of the professional member with a varied background including project manager, CIO’s, Academicians, scientists, software developer, Apps developer, etc. It has spread branches all over the country. It has many students branches in a different location. National ICT club is planning for events and many other program activities in the country.

The main idea of the National ICT club is to minimize the gap between industry and Academics. It also provides many opportunities to interested candidates. National ICT Club Access is entering digital Nepal. A youth’s ICT Enabled journey into a profitable business.