Kathmandu District Administration Office

27th May 2021, Kathmandu

As we all are well known about the Covid-19 epidemic. The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard. The situation is being worse and worse. The cases are increasing rapidly day by day. The number of death troll is also increasing.

The government has tightened its one-week ban with effect from Friday. The ban also prohibited the opening of department stores and grocery stores because in the name of buying essential goods and vegetables people are walking wherever they like. Also, there seems huge crowd without maintaining social distance in the grocery shops which may result in to spread of the virus more. Despite the fear of infection, daily necessities had to be brought safely because without food life is not possible.

Therefore, the heads of the three district administration offices in the valley have requested to purchase and keep all the necessary items for a week. However, the government has said that if anyone needs essential items even during the one-week period, it will facilitate it. The prohibition is issued from 2072/2/14 to 2072/2/20. The announcement is done to prevent people from spreading the virus.

A statement issued by the Kathmandu District Administration Office said that Nepal Food Management and Trade Company Limited and Salt Trading Corporation Limited will provide food at the local level, considering the present situation.

For this, the two companies will make arrangements for the purchase and sale of food at the local level through the coordination of the local level through mobile vehicles. The office has also made public the name of the contact person along with the mobile number if further information is required in this regard and if there is any problem related to food. So, if you have any emergency or grocery shortage problems  you can call on the below-mentioned numbers:

call these numbers


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