Admission Open To Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology

Wednesday, September 11, 2019, Kathmandu

The Sagarmatha college has been affiliated with Tribhuvan University and has been conducting BSC.CSIT and BCA programs.

The college, which has been committed to quality education since its inception, has been providing various vocational training along with the curriculum. Sagarmatha College is conducting professional training along with the Course of Study to make it easier for students to explore the current market, for which the college does not charge any extra.

Besides, the specialty of the college is to participate in seminars, pieces of training, competitions and social services, including laboratory, library, expert, professor, extra activities. After the study, they have established various units in the college with the intention of ensuring that their students are consumed nationally and internationally.

The college has been providing scholarships to students who have excelled in the entrance exams and semesters, and they have also brought scholarship programs to attract students. Sagarmatha College is one of the best choices for students who want to pursue a career in information technology because of our main emphasis on quality education


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