Sajha Party Points Out Concerns About IT Bill 2075

Sajha Party urges govt to withdraw proposed IT bill

January 10th, 2020, Kathmandu

Sajha Party on Wednesday urged the Nepal government to withdraw the controversial Information Technology Bill 2075. Sajha party has said that the proposed Information Technology Bill was regrettable since the government seemed okay with it despite the opposition saying that the expression guaranteed by the constitution was contrary to the principle of freedom, decentralization of powers and democracy as a whole.

On Wednesday, Spokesperson Surya Raj Acharya issued a statement alleging that the government was trying to use democracy as a front to show-case and centralize power and strengthen its grip on power and society. The allegations from the opposition Nepali Congress were in vain as the government moved forward.

Sajha Party has pointed out that, “The Communist government has repeatedly derailed the concept of ‘liberal democracy’ that has been achieved after decades of struggle towards ‘un-liberal democracy’. It has used its position in the government for the betterment of the party, individuals, and people closely related to those individuals rather than the general public.”

The IT bill 2075 has been surrounded by opposition and dis-satisfactions from the moment it was proposed. Opposition party Nepali Congress stated their differences towards the bill claiming that it goes against the true meaning of democracy and curbs the freedom of speech for the citizens. Likewise, the banker’s union was unhappy with the bill as articles on the bill prohibit the banks in Nepal to send data to a foreign land, which seems to create problems in international banking systems implemented in Nepal. Sajha Party shows similar concerns about the bill as the Nepali Congress. But despite all these statements and applications being registered, the Communist Government looks to be going through with the proposed bill.


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