Samriddhi School To Provide Technology Friendly vibes

Kathmandu based Samriddhi School assures to provide a technology friendly atmosphere for all its students, teachers and other school staffs during the orientation program of school for recently enrolled students of class 11 at Rajdhani Banquet on Sunday. Around 500 people including teachers, students and parents showed up their presence in the event.

During the event, Naresh Prasad Shrestha, Principal of Samriddhi School notified about all the rules, regulations and policies of the school to all the participants. He also informed, “Though this is the opening year of the school it includes many professional and veteran academicians.” The school is going to provide technology friendly atmosphere, Shrestha reiterate. Shrestha also claimed Samriddhi School as the first institution of Nepal to install Smartboard.

“We aspire to produce next level students from our school by providing convenient knowledge and out of the course, bookish knowledge is not enough for the present generation,” said Manohar Bhattarai, President of the school.

At present programs like Computer Science, Hotel Management and Business Studies are available. The school is planning to add more academic programs in the future.

Chief of the additional two levels, Chairman Maharjhan told, the excellent coordination between teacher, students and parents will lead the student’s education towards proper growth.


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