The new Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S6, It’ll annoy developers, but the upgrade VR headset is definitely an improvements from Samsung. You may us virtual headset at your home .this is made for developer  Samsung officially bought in market with impressive virtual reality which is powered by software from acquire Oculars  VR team this is very exciting by standing the precipice of new medium which is possible technologically .
Samsung gear VR is an illuminating vision and astounding feat for our near future, it is very closet   for making virtual reality into experience and stark example of due for dose it go before the dream is completely realized.


Incredible, accessible

Extremely, impressive visuals

Light, attraction, comfortable


Extremely limited software library

Limited functionality

Rewires Note 4 making it very expensive

Samsung Gear VR an Oculus virtual reality headset is enticing first taste for the potential future of new medium. It is very important light comfortable and accessible. Gear VR is the most virtual reality headset. The limited selection if software and functionality makes Gear VR adopter and enthusiasts virtual reality, not the mainstream.

If you are looking guidance then you should buy $200 Gear VR headset to strap your $700 Galaxy Note 4. Its mainly pay for experience which don’t feel comfortable suggesting NY KIND OD cash for GEAR VR. Be honest for the folks which would drop different kind f money for the promise if Gear VR.

There’s good reason for more demo that consume more product. It app store consume various experience. Gera VR is not intended which mainstream consume. It is one of the world largest electronic manufacturer.

Samsung intentionally didn’t send out review to press Gear VR to be on sale. It discourage the bury review. The main idea is that people will evangelize their friends helping to build virtual reality companies like Samsung for profit. This is the easiest way to distribute evangelist.

You must be updated with the latest firmware Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from your carrier. You must insert 16 GB micros SD card which comes with Gear VR’s screen. It doesn’t required real set up for the removed miles of plastic protection stock for various regions of the headset which simply attach Note 4 for the front shell. This remove the darkened front plastic slightly.