Microsoft is the tech giant who has the popular operating system that people use till this date. It has been able to be peoples favorite for a long time now. And with each and every updates it bring new changes to the system that users find attractive and thus keep on continuing with the Operating system.

The truth behind it being the choice of many people is because of its reliability and continuous support. Through the years windows operating system has come a long way. It was used when it was 2005 and xp. It was also famous with its version 7. And with that came 8 and 8.1. There might be critics and people who don’t follow with the windows  operating system but no doubt it still has been a choice to many people making it one of the popular Os in the world. If you are a user to the Microsoft service you would know how they handle the customers issues. during its development it also provides users with new versions and software upgrades or patches that helps to keep the system secure and users data away from the malicious attacks. And recently with windows 10 preview version which is considered to be the last version, news has spread that it has so much to introduce the user that they are going to grow more fond of it. They have be able to keep their features that were really liked by users in the new version of the operating system.

However, recently a news broke that Samsung had patched the software on its Windows PCs to stop them from automatically updating through Microsoft’s default system. The patch would enable users to manually check for updates to windows which is considered to be less safer than the automatic ones. Microsoft provides upgrade  when it is necessary and help in proper functioning of the system as well. Not to mention that updating manually can be very inconvenient to the automatic updates as most users wont be aware of being supplied with the required upgrades which make the computer more vulnerable. But Samsung wanted to be on the same side as it explained that it was not blocking the updates but giving the users to choose if they want to install the updates or not. The patch it kept helped the users whether to install the updates or not. “As part of our commitment to consumer satisfaction, we are providing our users with the option to choose if and when they want to update the Windows software on their products,” said the company in an official statement on the matter.In  a way even Samsung seems to be right as it wants the users to give the full control and in the other hand Microsoft is concerned about such step taken by Samsung. Now its looks like they are taking their words back and it appears that Samsung is making the choice to walk back that stance. With next statement they gave Samsung claims that it will be issuing a patch through the Samsung software update so that to revert the recommended automatic setting of the windows updates in few days. The default function is said the revert back after the patch is what Samsung claimed. Microsoft uses the Windows Update tool to deliver new versions of Windows, updates to drivers, and perhaps most importantly, security patches to the system that protect users from malicious attacks.Samsung also agreed on the fact that the reason for this was because they wanted their driver updates to be prioritized than the windows updates therefore they had to do so. But with the the uproar from both Microsoft and the Windows user community has forced Samsung’s hand to change its ways.