Samsung's 5G Technology in Nepal

8th September 2023, Kathmandu

Samsung’s 5G Technology in Nepal: Uninterrupted Network Support and 5G-Ready Devices. Samsung, the world’s most renowned smartphone brand has always been at the forefront of innovation in Nepal.

They have a reputation for introducing the latest technological advancement made in the world of smartphones, be it their revolutionary role in advancing foldable smartphone technology, their constant pushing of the boundaries of what’s possible with smartphones, their accessible range of devices built with 5G networking capabilities or them just bringing the world closer with their connected ecosystem, Samsung has always brought their A-game into the Nepali market.

The two major telecom operators of Nepal, NTC, and Ncell have different bands and frequencies across Nepal.

Currently, all common bands operational in Nepal are supported by Samsung including Band 8 (900 MHz) for 2G, Band 1 (2100 MHz) for 3G, and Band 3 (1800 MHz) for 4G by the major telecom operators in Nepal.

Nepal Telecom introduced an additional common band to support its LTE/4G network during its VoLTE expansion – Band 20(800 MHz).

This service was tested and implemented by Samsung in their devices, becoming the first mobile brand to provide Band 20 support in Nepal since 2020.

Samsung supports all the bands and frequencies from the two major telecom operators in Nepal, NTC, and Ncell as below:




2G Band 8 (900 MHz) Band 8 (900 MHz)
3G Band 1 (2100 MHz) Band 1 (2100 MHz)
4G Band 3 (1800MHz) Band 3 (1800 MHz)
4G   Band 20 (800 MHz)


Samsung’s 5G Technology in Nepal

Telecom companies in Nepal are also working to launch a 5G network and with the commercialization of this technology by all the Network Operators in the country, users will be able to finally enjoy faster internet speed on their 5 G-ready devices.

Samsung has also been striving to make the users future-ready for the 5G technology in Nepal.

They have been launching 5 G-ready smartphones at different price range since 2021 and has continuously been working with both these telecom operators in order to bring 5G technology into the country.

They recently launched their most affordable 5G Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G.

Samsung has recently stated that it is ready with a full-fledged line-up of 5 G-ready devices to be launched and is awaiting for Network Operators to launch the 5G network in order for these devices to be able to activate 5G.


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