19th April 2022, Kathmandu

Sanima Bank has launched the Sanima Double Dhamaka Fixed Deposit scheme inauspicious the occasion of New Year 2079 for its valuable customers.

Sanima Double Dhamaka Fixed Deposit is a fixed deposit account that can be opened by individual customers by maintaining a minimum balance of NPR 500,000/- for 6.5 years. Under this scheme, additional fixed deposit accounts can be opened and deposited as required. Deposits made under this scheme are planned to give a maximum return which will be doubled after 6.5 years.

Customers can get a credit card with an 80% limit of the fixed deposit amount or NPR 200,000.00 whichever is lower.

Sanima Bank is providing banking services from 126 offices and 115 ATM networks in all 7 provinces.


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