Nepali Origin Lady

12th November 2022, Kathmandu

Permanent Resident of Nepal Sarahana Shrestha has won the American State Assembly election.

On New York State legislature’s 103rd election democrats Shrestha defeated republican candidate Pyatrick Sihan. In the election which took place on Tuesday, Mrs. Shrestha received 35 thousand 413 votes whereas Sihan received 23 thousand 104 votes.

In the past June Shrestha defeated long-time members of parliament Covin Kahil, D-Kingston in the Primary level and became one of the candidates for the election which was happening on November 9. Shrestha became a permanent resident of America in 2019.

In the election, she said her main aim is to make neat, accessible, and reachable use of energy. Following that during her vote, she stated she wanted to boost new energy. This statement of hers was approved by the American people.

Shrestha is the co-chairman of the socialist of American Mid Hudson Valley Chester. She is also a leader of public power in NY.


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