Sarovara – A Drinking Water Delivery App Has Hit The Town

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11th August 2020, Kathmandu

Are you sick and tired of buying jars and jars of drinking water but always unsure about its quality? Don’t worry! There’s a new venture in the market that addresses your problem! Sarovara – a drinking water delivery app has hit the town.

From now on, you can easily know the quality of the water you drink and order accordingly. It’s amazing!

According to the company’s website, its main objective is to provide high-quality drinking water at a reasonable price.

Shall we find out what’s so special about the Sarovara?

Regular Quality Check: quality check of drinking water processed and purified by the companies.

Regular Inspection: routinely inspect water processing and purifying facilities of the companies

Information Transparency: regularly publish information about drinking water quality and sanitation information of the companies

Buy Water: buy drinking water from the companies that comply with the Guidelines on Processed Drinking Water Production Standards 2017.

Sales Distribution: provide door-to-door delivery service of drinking water to our customers

How to order drinking water from Sarovara?

  • Go to google play store and download Sarovara app
  • Open an account
  • Login to Sarovara app with your register account
  • Choose a company by evaluating its drinking water quality and buy it

The company then delivers the drinking water you purchase to your home or office

In the first phase, the company plans to render its services in a limited area. Currently, people from Sinamangal, Gaushala, Pingalasthan, and surrounding areas can only order drinking water through an app. Meanwhile, Others will have to wait.

For people outside the designated areas, a form will be available on the screen. The company aims to expand its service based on the demand of the service recipients who fill-up the form.

We think it’s a great initiative taken by team Sarovara. We are all very aware of the news doing the rounds regarding the quality issue of drinking water. Therefore, such initiatives should be welcomed by the general public.

Learn more from the company’s website.

What do you feel? Let us know in the comments below.

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