Satish Gaire Talk Series

28th January 2022, Kathmandu

DirectPay CEO – Satish Gaire is coming at the talk series by HultPrize at IOE-Pulchowk Campus

Satish Gaire, the “King of Saas” platforms in the industry marked by Forbes as the top 10 tech entrepreneurs in the software industry is arriving at HultPrize at IOE –Pulchowk Campus this 2022.

He will be connecting with live participants in a talk series “Entrepreneurship Talk Series: The Subtle Art of Pitching” organized with Bajra Technologies. The event is occurring this Saturday, 29th January at 6 PM.

Hult Prize at IOE-Pulchowk Campus is the pioneer OnCampus circuit of HultPrize- the annual yearlong million dollars social entrepreneurship competition, which is organized for constituent colleges of IOE at the Central Pulchowk Campus.

Satish Gaire is an internet marketer and entrepreneur. In his 10-year career, he has launched over 700+ software products online. This software has helped millions of people worldwide operate and expand their businesses.

Satish has also founded many companies to help businesses. This includes DirectPay, WooAgents, my dental website, BookSmartr and many more. Currently, He is also the founder of over a dozen magazine publications around the United States, with his most popular being in Dallas Magazine,  Dallas’s premium magazine.

Satish’s mission is to help humanity by spreading the knowledge that he has gained from his many years of doing internet marketing and running his own business.

With the same energy, he is coming to HultPrize at IOE-Pulchowk Campus to guide the entrepreneurs in effortlessly pitching their million-dollar business ideas.

Join the expert this Saturday for an awesome learning experience.


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