CSI Nepal conducted 15th Cyber Security Awareness Training at Lumbini Academic College. In its latest edition of awareness camps CSI Nepal successfully completed its session at Lumbini Academic College at Chabahil, Kathmandu dated 27th June 2016. Keeping up with their mission to spread awareness across Nepal about cyber security CSI Nepal has been organizing this session at various schools, colleges. Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari and Bikram Khadka were the speakers. Riken Shrestha, Manisha Ranabhat also present there.

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Information security awareness Chiranjibi  Adhikari started off the program with short explanation about overall development cycle of information technology and malware infection. He also gave information about the level of malware infection in the world citing the increasing trend of such infection more prevalent in developed countries. He highlighted the need for Nepal to be prepared for such a scenario as in the future our country will also eventually adopt the newer technologies in IT. Mr. Bikram Khadka carried on the further presentation. He introduced the audience with new concepts of adware, fake antivirus and spoof mail. Similarly, he talked about the search trend about hacking which Nepal tops, referring to the attraction in mostly youths to indulge in cyber crimes.