Sell Your Phone: Strategic Ways To Turn Old Phones Into Cash

How to sell a mobile phone

February 12, 2020, Kathmandu

It is a well-known fact that most users opt to sell their used mobile phones since it is better to just throw it away. Some recently created websites have made it even easier to sell used items. Because of this, the second-hand mobile business looks good. But selling your old phone to other users can turn out to be dangerous for your personal data.

Usually, people sell their phones in second-hand sales by removing their SIM cards and memory cards. But, may forget to log out other IDs that are logged on mobile. This mistake can lead to different personal data being accessed by others.

Don’t forget to logout all social networking logins on your mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other apps as well. Once you’ve logged out, go to mobile settings and perform factory reset since it is considered more secure. Doing so will delete the remaining data on the mobile.

These days banks and other official things are also connected on mobile. Such personal details may also remain on mobile. Don’t forget to do a factory reset to get rid of these data.

When performing a factory reset, no data is left remaining. Therefore, before selling a mobile, all data must be kept in a secure location or put in a mobile backup. Extremely important photos or content can be found later in this case when backed up.

Likewise, you may have noticed that the password stored on your mobile may be left in your mobile browser. So, you have to delete it from the save password option by going to the profile of the mobile browser.


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