At Chip-Tech PVT.LTD on 8th October 2016 Seminar on Crash Courses on the occasion of incoming Fests is going to be held. It is started from 10 to 13 so be there at the right time. During this event, you would learn or be familiar about lots of IT related courses like Java programming for android apps, web designing and web development, advanced networking courses, Basic Hardware and networking, chip level laptop repairing and ethical hacking.

They are also planned to conduct a press meeting about the crash courses like

  1. Introduction about crash courses.
  2. Chip Level Repair Technician(15 days)
  3. CCNA( 20 days)
  4. Web Designing (30 days)
  5. Graphics Designing (15 days)

So be there at the right time and enrich your knowledge through these courses.