Seminar On SEO Scope And Opportunities In Nepal

seo seminar nepal

National ICT Council is organizing a seminar on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in association with Laba Nepal which is a leading IT training center in Nepal which is conducting on 21st April 2018. This event Sponsored by LABA and Supported By ICT Frame Magazine, Digital Gurkha, Top Nepal, Mobileskhabar, and Nagarikpost. Laba Nepal has been hosting events and Seminars on various subjects to boost the Nepalese skill base. As such, the Event is another of these events during which different topics regarding SEO will cover along with Digital Marketing.

Happening on 21st April 2018, the event has two very talented speakers.

  • Ullekh Niraula who is a very talented and experienced SEO Expert. With an experience of working three years+ in abroad and Nepal. He is the CEO of pioneering Digital Marketing agency in Nepal, Digital Gurkha: The growth Hackers.
  • Krishna Bogati who has been being a renowned SEO expert in Nepal and a diverse personality with work experience in Web Development and Social Media Marketing.
  • This event Moderator By Young SEO Expert Niranjan Patel

This Event will be covering various ways through which you can increase your business through the use of SEO or make a career in the field of SEO. As a field with a lot of demand but a lot fewer experts working on it, it can be an opportunity to get started on the track. Also, business owners need to understand the value of SEO in the digital age to boost their websites and gain organic traffic through intent.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing traffic to your website or increasing the visibility of a website through purely organic and natural searches. SEO is a mixture of coding and linking solutions which increases the traffic of a site through the use of specific keywords or phrases. SEO is mainly about the algorithms which are programmed by computers, about what people usually search for and fetching the related keywords and phrases which are the choices of the targeted audiences or visitors.

SEO has many aspects to it, from targeting the keywords on your websites to the ways many other sites link to you on the internet. SEO is all about making sure that your website framed in such a way that the search engine understands them. It’s about making the website better for viewers rather than just building search engine friendly sites.

If you are wondering why can’t the search engine discover your site without proper SEO? Here is the answer to it. Search engines like Google and Bing are smart, but they still need assistance. These search engines are always working on improving their technologies to return better results to their visitors and thus work on crawling the internet intensely.

Nonetheless, there is still a limit to everything, so there is a limit to how search engines work. SEO can gain thousands of visitors, get you increased attention and get better rankings on Search Engine Result pages (SERPs). The wrong SEO moves can conceal and veil your website in the search engine result pages and make your visibility negligible.

With the evolution of the internet and its users in the ongoing era, there is a crucial need for every business to have a mandatory online presence. And just gaining an online presence does not help in the competitive world of today. With that, you also need to obtain an excellent ranking on the Search Results pages.

SEO in Nepal has a lot of untapped potentials, and with this seminar, it is sure to bring in value to your business or your career. A well-done SEO can drastically improve the traffic to any website and bring in potential clients. Also, as there is minimal competition in SEO, it is the perfect mean to gain the best results in the longer term.


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