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Thursday, September 19, 2019, Kathmandu

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is strategies and tactics to attract quality and quantity traffic to a website and obtain a high ranking position in search engines. On-page and off-page are two processes of SEO.  Factors like Keyword, meta title, meta description, internal link are key to on-page SEO whereas backlinks, domain authority, social media promotion are critical factors for off-page SEO.

There are around 13 billion searches on the internet every month and website has become the most effective marketing strategies. Even in Nepal, as access to the internet and technology has become easier, the global trend of having a website for the business is becoming compulsory. About 78% of the Nepalese population is using the internet currently which definitely encourages business owners to make a website and do SEO so that they can promote their products and services.

SEO is very important in the context of Nepal because it can be the cheapest means of marketing. As foreigners are the main customers for businesses related to travel, trekking, and hotel, SEO enables the appearance of the website at the top and gives high brand credibility. At the same time, reach to those potential customers in foreign countries is never possible through expensive traditional marketing.

Currently, over 39.4 million mobile phone users in Nepal, more than its population, many startups and innovative ideas are coming in the market targeting those mobile users. SEO will help those creative businessmen to develop user-friendly website ranking at the top, as a result, they can brand their ideas quickly and attract more customers, eventually, has a high chance of conversion rate.

Either it’s a small or big business SEO is the most essential part of any digital marketing strategy. In this digital era, there are various ways of doing marketing. In Nepal, the number of social media users is very high, so digital marketing also plays a vital role in promoting any business. So, if social media marketing, Google marketing, etc, is integrated with SEO then it will be the icing on the cake. All in all, what we can say is SEO is the most essential, cost-effective and quicker means of marketing.

How Digital Marketing Helps Tourism in Nepal?

As the tourism business has to deal with various people from different parts of the world, it uses new tools and techniques of marketing before other business sectors implement them because in this industry you have to be updated all the time, otherwise, your customers will go to your competitor. With the rise of electronic media and its influence, businesses related to tourism sectors are choosing an internet platform for the promotion of their business. Digital marketing is advertising products or services in digital channels like social media, website, email, search engine, etc. Nepal, which is a popular destination for international travelers, can get huge benefits through internet base tourism marketing.  

There are various businesses related to the tourism sector in Nepal like hotels, travel agencies, trekking companies, etc in urban as well as rural areas. Digital marketing will give opportunity even for the small businesses running in the countryside. Web marketing helps to connect these business owners to overseas customers.  Nowadays, travelers no longer go to the local agencies to decide where to go, instead, they find tourist destinations and services through the internet.  So, internet marketing can be a smart move to reach to those wondering travelers.

Because of its natural beauty and diverse culture, trekking in Nepal is popular among the foreign trekkers but lack of information and feel of insecurity; they are hesitating to come to Nepal. When all the trekking packages, hotel prices, and travel prices are easily available on the internet and have a facility for booking online then there will be more chance of getting business. At the same time, digital marketing is a good way of tracking behavior, likes and dislikes of the customers which will help to make packages and marketing strategies according to their needs. Special emails can be sent to the customers on special days giving them an offer that will keep the relation going.

As ‘visit Nepal 2020’ is approaching near, numerous campaigns need to be launched. What can be the best platform for promoting those campaigns? Reach, engagement and conversation can be tracked when a campaign is launched digitally. The target of 2 million tourist arrival in 2020 will only be met if we promote Nepal as a valuable destination through digital marketing. Both Government and private sectors have to separate the budget for internet marketing if they really want to make this ‘visit Nepal 2020’ successful.

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