Ideathon Shequal Foundation

13th April 2024, Kathmandu

The Shequal Foundation is proud to announce Ideathon 2024, a one-day event serving as the launchpad for their upcoming all-female hackathon, “Hacking for Empowered Nepal.”

This initiative aims to empower Nepali women through innovation and technological solutions.

Connecting with Stellar Mentors: Shequal Ideathon 

Ideathon 2024, taking place on April 15th at Kings College, will provide participants with the opportunity to connect with and learn from inspiring mentors. These mentors include:

Janaki Joshi: Director of Devfinity Nepal, a leading IT company.

Kaushal W.: Co-founder of Kaaikaas Technologies and Incubation Officer at King’s College Nepal.

These accomplished individuals will share their expertise and guide participants toward developing groundbreaking solutions.

Charting a Course for Innovation

Through Ideathon 2024, the Shequal Foundation hopes to ignite a spark of innovation among aspiring female entrepreneurs. With the support of their mentors, participants will gain the skills and knowledge needed to chart a course for success in the tech industry.

Join the Movement

The Shequal Foundation invites all interested individuals to join Ideathon 2024 and be part of this historic movement. Together, let’s empower Nepali women and create a more equitable future.

For registration details:  Shequal Foundation


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