I guess many of you are familiar about the World Wide Web. But there are few of them who know the interesting and historic facts about it so Iam going to uncover all sort of this information about WWW (World Wide Web) in detail on this article that you must know.

 On August 6, 1991, the world’s first website went live to the public from a lab of the Swiss Alps. So now it has become its 25th birthday. This site was created by Tim Berners Lee who was the father of the World Wide Web and dedicated to provide information on WWW project. The first website address is http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html. And the World Wide Web was written on a NeXT computer, made by the company Steve jobs founded after he was kicked out of Apple back in 1985.

Berners-Lee had written many books on HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which describes about how the information or data would travel between computer systems. Not only this, he had also written HyperText Markup Language (HTML) which was used to create the first web page.

Main reason of his all creation is to establish a common place where people could share their information across the world through a “Universal Linked Information System” in which a network was established among people to help one another to find what exactly they were looking for. So his idea on creating WWW is to create a tool for the scientists to find and share the information with ease.

That’s why even being of 61, he is searching for the next steps of internet since it has transformed into the “world’s largest surveillance network” and feel regretted a lot of things about his invention. Since the web model depends on central servers and IP addresses, which can be easily traced and blocked so he is looking to decentralize the world web.