It is hard to find a single day where a headline goes without information on the data breach. Per day many hacked information on different sites like LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace,, etc. were heard. Likewise, it was also exposed that 200 million accounts of Yahoo were hacked and were on sell on the Dark Web.

On the internet, it was found that many personal details like IP address, username, and passwords of Yahoo users account were on sale on an underground marketplace called The Real Deal for 3 Bitcoins, i.e., US $ 1,824. It is such unexpected things, and there are many hidden secrets of being hacked, which I am going to revel on this article.

The most leaked database of Yahoo includes username, MD5-hashed passwords, date of birth, email address, etc.

The password on Yahoo can be easily crackable since they used MD5-encrypted password, which could be easily decrypted using an MD5 decrypter available online, so it is so vulnerable to the hackers.

Besides, now Verizon Company acquired Yahoo! For $4.8 Billion, and mentioned on their press meeting that they were committed to protecting the security of their user’s account and their security team would work on that facts.

Not only this, they requested their users to create strong passwords and use different passwords for different platforms. Besides they had also talked about password managers concept to secure their details, so the hacker had decided to monetize the stolen user accounts before the data lose its value.

Now it is expected that Yahoo user would be in safe mode due to the commitment of Verizon Company to recover the failure of a system created by Yahoo on maintaining user’s account secure.