Nepali Dramas Live Streaming With Quarantine Campaigning Theater Festival
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Nepal, March 30, 2020

Shows, Books, and Sporting Events Are Free To Access Online For Users At Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic. Nobody knew staying at home can be such a difficult thing to do. And, people do have their phones and the internet.

So, what’s the problem, right?

Watch a movie, TV show, or events and entertain yourself!

But, it’s easier said than done!

People, however, are getting creative in their free time. Some are investing their time on working out, while others are on their bed all day watching movies or TV shows.

Luckily, several streaming companies have made premium content available for free during the coronavirus pandemic to help people enjoy a good time at home.

As of today (March 29, 2020), the US has become the first hardest-hit country by COVID-19, followed by Italy and China. Meanwhile, Nepal is quite lower on the list with 5 cases to date.

Amid the crisis, here’s where to find some premium or extra content for free while in quarantine:

1.  Amazon’s IMDb TV Added Family Movies To View For Free

Amazon’s IMDb TV Added Family Movies To View For Free

Source: Amazon

Most of us are at home during the lockdown with our family and friends. A great way to pass the time is watching family movies like The Shrek, The Muppets Take Manhattan and many more.


2.  Apple Books Now Has A Stay At Home Collection Of Free Books In Nearly Every Genre And For All Ages

9TO5 Mac

Source: 9TO5Mac

Apple Books has made some read-along for kids, cozy mysteries, and audiobooks free for users. The decision was made to help people pass the time and support social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Additionally, it also has a “first in a series” promotion that lets readers get the first book in different series for free.

Apple Books

3.  Popular Asian Online Streaming Platform, iflix, Offers Free VIP Access Codes To Enjoy For One Month

Popular Asian Online Streaming Platform

Source: iflix

This streaming platform is offering a free VIP access code for viewers to watch all the movies and TV shows they want. However, iflix announced this quite a while ago and the offer lasts until March 31.

So, you still have some time to iflix and chill!


4.  Free Live TV Streaming For Three Months By Plex, An All-In-One Streaming Platform

Free Live TV Streaming For Three Months By Plex

Source: Plex

Go ahead and browse your favorite movies and TV shows. If they are available on the platform, you can watch them for free.

Even if they were premium content before, they are now free for three months.


5.  Showtime Offers Free 30-Day Trial For New Users

Showtime Offers Free 30-Day Trial For New Users

Source: Showtime

Showtime is following in the footsteps of fellow networks and streaming platforms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers who sign up prior May 3 will have access to the free content – network’s original series, documentaries, movies, and specials through their website.

Here’s a tip!

Watch Showtime’s multiple Emmy-winning original series Homeland, if you haven’t.


6.  The Internet Archive Announced The National Emergency Library

The National Emergency Library

Source: National Emergency Library

With the announcement of the National Emergency Library, the Internet Archive suspends the waiting list on books. The students can now immediately access the materials that they need.

The archive has suspended the waitlists through June, or the end of the US National Emergency – whichever is later.

So, students can now access whatever they need without waiting.

Probably one of the best things for readers and researchers, wouldn’t you agree?

7.  The NBA Is Offering Free NBA League Pass To Fans

NBA Is Offering Free NBA League Pass To Fans

Source: NBA

The NBA 2019-20 season was canceled when some players were tested positive for coronavirus. With such a blow to the fans, the NBA is providing all fans with a free preview of NBA League Pass.

It is the league’s premium subscription-based product which is available for free until April 22.

The fans can redeem this offer by simply signing into their NBA account through the NBA website or app.

NBA League Pass

8.  Nepali Dramas Live Streaming With ‘Quarantine Campaigning Theater Festival Nepal’

Nepali Dramas Live Streaming With Quarantine Campaigning Theater Festival

Source: Republica | My City

On the occasion of World Theatre Day, Theater Mall, Kirtipur and Theater Center for Children (TCC Nepal) jointly began ‘Quarantine Campaign Theatrical Festival 2076’ on March 27.

The official Facebook page of Theatre Mall showed live videos of the drama from 5 pm onwards on its first day. Around 250 people watched ‘Maan vs Malti’ by Kedar Shrestha on the first day.

Other dramas are next in line for the live broadcast via the official Facebook page.

Theatre Mall

Final Say

Obviously, the entire world is adopting online platforms and services to stream their shows or movies. In fact, the views are skyrocketing.

Quarantine days might just not be the same without online streams as they are the best entertainment source right now.

It makes us wonder if the world just got closer by maintaining more distance.

Let us know what you think!


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