20th May 2022, Kathmandu

Six Nepalese teams competed in the PUBG competition, which had a prize pool of Rs. 20 million.

Another South Asian PUBG Mobile competition begins next Thursday. The ‘Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia Championship’ will feature 16 teams competing over four days.

The competition will include the top ten teams from the South Asia Spring of the PUBG Mobile Pro League and the top six teams from the PMPL Pakistan.

Nepalese teams Dead Eyes and Tituk E-Sports finished second and third in the recently ended PMPL South Asia, respectively.

Janmara E-Sports, Skylight Gaming, DRS Gaming, and High Voltage came in fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth place, respectively.

This competition features six Nepalese teams in the top ten of the PMPL South Asia, Skylight Gaming, DRS Gaming, High Voltage, Dead Eyes Guys, Tituk E-Sports, and Gyanmara E-Sports.

The competition’s total prize money is one lakh fifty thousand US dollars (one crore eighty-six thousand+).


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