Skoda Cars Price Nepal

4th January 2020, Kathmandu

Want to Buy a Skoda Car? Such is the price.

Skoda Auto a.s., commonly known as Skoda, is a Czech car manufacturer founded in 1895 as Laurin and Klement and headquartered in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. Laurin & Klement was purchased in 1925 by the manufacturing conglomerate Škoda Works, which became state-owned in 1948.

Skoda is one of the oldest automotive manufacturers in the world. From as early as 1895, first bicycles, later motorcycles and, from 1905, cars have been built at their headquarters in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

MAW Enterprises has been selling and distributing this vehicle in Nepal for 12 years. Currently, MAW is selling three models of sedans: Rapid TSI Automatic, Rapid TSI Manual, and Super Automatic.

Four variants of the Rapid TSI are available: Active Automatic Rider, Ambison, Annex, Style, and Monte Carlo. The company set the price at Rs 42 Lakh 90 thousand, Rs 50 Lakh 90 thousand, Rs 51 Lakh 90 thousand, Rs 57 Lakh 90 thousand, and Rs 58 Lakh 90 thousand respectively.

Similarly, the manual of Rapid TSI is also available in five versions. Under the Rapid TSI manual, Actim Rider has Rs 35 Lakh 90 thousand, Ambison Rs 43 Lakh 90 thousand, Annex Rs 44 Lakh 90 thousand, Style Rs 50 Lakh 90 thousand, and Monte Carlo Rs 51 Lakh 90 thousand. In Nepal, L-end Super Automatic Premium Sedan is also available. Its value is 13.5 million.

Executive Director of MAW Skoda Division Raunak Agrawal, said that Rapid TSI is very popular in the Nepali market. He also stated, “Customers are very interested in this new sedan. In particular, customers are more attracted to the sedan’s comfort and luxury experience at the price of a hatchback.”.


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